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Kerrier War Memorials

Crowan War Memorial

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In Memory Of The Men Of Crowan Who Gave Their Lives For their Country

In the Great War 1914 - 1918

This Monument Is Erected In Deep Gratitude By The People of Crowan


praze names 2.jpg (57961 bytes)

Albert Dalley - Joseph Blewett - William Jolly - Maurice Corey

John Hoskin - John Jenkin - Stanley Moyle - James Bodinnar 

Nicholas Tremayne - Sidney Watters - Frances J Chown - Frederick H Trevithick

John H James - William Berriman - Alfred Trethowan - Frederick C Meek

William Stephens - Charles W Doney - William H Osborne - Josiah Mitchell

Samuel J Triggs - William J Goldsworthy - John Tregenza


Great War 1938 - 1945

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John K Cook - Peter J Dilley - Richard Downing - Geoffrey W James

Malcolm Karn - Theodore D Karn - Dennis J Luzmoor - Henry Skewes

William F L Rundle - George N Hampton


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