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Kerrier War Memorials

Mullion War Memorial

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Give Rest O Christ

To Thy Servants With The Saints 

Were Sorrow And Pain Are No More

 Neither Sighing, But Life Everlasting



1914 - 1918 War

Capt. F C Eliot, M.C.R.M.L.I. - Capt. H S Smart, D.C.M. 53 Sikhs

Liet. W L Eliot, W.V. Regt. - T C Gilbert, R.N.R.T. - F Upward, A/B

Signaler A Gilbert, 2nd. Hamp. - Pte. L C D Eliot, Strathcana Horse

Pte. W F Jilbert, 7th City of London - Pte. C E Jilbert, 1st DCLI

Pte. F S Trewin, The Buffs


1939 - 1945 War

Major A J Head, RA - Lieut. John L Halliwell, RN - Flt/Lt. Samuel J Richards, RAF

Flt./Sgt. William R Bray, RAF - Flt./Sgt. David J Meikle, RAF - A/B. Albert V Brown, RN

A/B. Gilbert Thomas, RN - L/Cpl. William Johns, RAC - Tpr. Eric Bax, RAC

Pte. Aubrey Bryant, Q.R. Regt. - Pte. William T Simmons, 1st Ches. Regt.

Pte. Stanley King, RCLI


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