Kerrier War Memorials

Breage War Memorial

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The Breage memorial takes the form of a Decorated Roll inside the Church.

1914 - 1918 War

Stephen Angove - Ernest C Andrews - J H M Beare - Leslie Carlyon - Edward Collick

William H Curnow - Edward G Hoare - Leonard H Laity - Howard Martin - George G Miners

James A Moyle - Frederick W Pascoe - Richard Pryor - Edward E Richards - Henry B Richards -

George S W Rowe - Francis Stephens - John S Stephens - Henry Trevenen - John Trevenen

C N W Tyacke - Maurice Williams - William Williams - Samson Richards


1939 - 1945 War

Edwin Andrews - Stanley Barnes - Gordon H Bryant - Reggie Harry - Wilfred Harvey - Stanley Johns

A Michaes Phillips - Ernest Richards - Francis B Tredinnick - Cyril Tredinnick - Kenneth Yarker

Thomas G Yarker - William A Williams - Griffith H Williams - Charles W Worledge - William Willey


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