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St Keverne War Memorial

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To the Glory of God and in abiding remembrance

of the men of  St Keverne Parish

who gave their lives in the Great War

1914 - 1918


Sacred to the memory of the glorious dead

And to those who served in the

World War 1939 1945

Suffering,  Sorrow, Deliverence,

VE - VJ Day 1945 -1995

St Keverne Celebrates 50 years of Peace


The names are displayed within the Parish Church

st Keverne names1.jpg (32750 bytes)

In Grateful Memory of the Men of St Keverne

Who Fell in the Graet War

Albert Auty - William H Bonfield - William Edwards - Thomas J Eustice

Frederick Freathy - Frederick C Freathy - Thomas J Hocking

William J Hocking -  Sydney W Lambrick - Charles G  Lobb

James H C Pearce - Mark L Retallack - Archibald Roberts

Frank J Roberts - Ernest Rule - James H Uren


St Keverne names 2.jpg (44408 bytes)

In Memory of those in this parish who gave their lives

1939 - 1945

Frank Bonfield R.N - Richard Bowden M.N. - Thomas Clark M.N.

John Cruze M.N. - Francis Harvey M.N. - Adolphus A Hocking M.N.

W John P Hocking R.A.F. - William T Hocking R.N. - Annette B Hunter A.R.P.

Robin Kemp R.N. - Richard S Kevern R.N. - Stewart D L King R.N.

George Pearce R.A. - Richard Retallack R.N. - Henry Smitheram R.N.

George H. White R.N.

"We will remember them"


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